The Mistake Zone - 6x08: Skate of Play


From puzzling drink flavours, to logic puzzles, puzzling speculation, puzzling replay specifics and puzzling trailers, the Mistake Zone is here to fill that void of mistakes. Join Jaren and Matt and they discuss Hexcells Infinite, Helskate and the January 2024 Sony State of Play.


0:00 - Homecoming Opening

13:34 - Jaren's Kira Kira Sparkling Water: Farmboy Cucumber Melon

19:22 - Hexcells Infinite

29:13 - Helskate Demo

42:23 - Phil Spencer Tweet

47:54 - Tekken 8 Replay

54:11 - Sony State of Play:

1:08:07 - Ending

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The Mistake Zone OUT.