The Mistake Zone - 6x17: 151 Pokemon Segments


Join Pokemon master disasters Jaren and Matt on another trip to the vault and open a Pokemon Grab Bag of various nonsense (mainly focusing on the 151 generation, of course).

0:00 - Egg Opening
3:18 - Jaren's Kira Kira Sparkling Water: President's Choice Blue Menu Lime
8:10 - Pokemon Mainline Games
13:09 - Pokemon Spinoff Games
21:21 - Don't Match Me: Pokemon Edition
36:25 - Let's Go Johto Covers
42:02 - Mount Rushmore: 151 Pokemon
55:56 - Mount Rushmore: Scary Pokemon
1:09:10 - Original Sprite Review
1:13:16 - Stolen Content Closing

You too can be on the Mistake Zone Pokemon Mount Rushmore by downloading the latest episode HERE, wherever you get your podcasts or streaming it through the embedded player below:

Wishing Matt, and of course all of you, a safe and wonderful time wherever you are.

The Mistake Zone OUT.