The Mistake Zone - 6x29: Granblue Lock Fantasy: Episode Nagi

The anime floodgates are opened in this week's episode of the Mistake Zone. Join Jaren and Matt as they discuss Granblue, Blue Lock, Voice Actors, the Suicide Squad and Demon Slayer spoilers (anime + manga)


0:00 - Fenced out

7:22 - Granblue Fantasy: Relink

28:08 - Blue Lock: The Movie - Episode Nagi -

41:19 - The Many Sides of Voice Actor Radio

45:13 - Suicide Squad Isekai

52:10 - Otaku Hot Girl

57:46 - Girls Band Cry

1:04:32 - Demon Slayer **Heavy Spoilers**

1:19:11 - Don't Match Me: This Episode

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